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10 Best Dab Nails

A dab nail is one of the most critical components of a dab rig. It’s the part that’s typically heated to high heavens before applying dabs.

Dab nails come in varying designs and are typically constructed using heat-resistant materials like quartz, titanium, and glass.

One of the critical factors in dabbing is making sure that the dab nail is heated up to an optimum temperature with a blowtorch.

If you overheat the dab nail, you may distort the dab integrity, and if you underheat it, you end up wasting much of the concentrates.

Thus, the importance of getting the right dab nail cannot be overstated. Quality dab nails are the proper size and material.

The following are the 10 best dab nails:

1. Honeybee Herb Titanium 6-In-1 Original Nail

2. Pulsar 6-in-1 Universal Titanium Nail

3. Universal Titanium “Stanley Cup” Nail

4. DabWorthy Adjustable Titanium Nail

5. Cali Crusher – Royal Universal Nail

6. Piranha Quartz Thermochromic Banger Nail

7. Smokea Bangers

8. PypTek – Prometheus Embyr – Domeless Titanium Nail

9. Grace Glass – Chess piece Quartz Nail for Oils and Concentrates – Male joint – 18.8mm

10. ERRL Gear – 6 in-1 Domeless Titanium Electronic Nail