10 Best Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic is a robust material made by combining various earth elements under heat. Also, it’s non-reactive against most agents.

Ceramic bongs, like glass bongs, yield a cool smoke; their stains have not glue properties thus making for easy wash, and these bongs don’t distort your smoke flavor.

Glass bongs may be glossy and super-duper cool, but there’s one area they cannot outdo ceramic bongs; durability. Thus, they are one of the most perfect smoking equipment.

Bongs add spice and fun to the entire smoking experience. You can use ceramic bongs solo or in a social setting. These bongs come in varying shapes, sizes, and designs.

There are far too many online head shops out there offering ceramic bongs, and these bongs are not on the same level. We will help you identify quality ceramic bongs.

The following are some of the best ceramic bongs:

Top Ceramic Bongs

The following ceramic bongs are popular in the market:

1. Skeleton Cupbearer

With a removable downstem, a comfy rounded mouthpiece, and cool customizations, this bong will take your cannabis session to a higher level.

2. Skull (Black Neck) – Ceramic Bong

Make a statement with this cool ceramic bong modeled after a skull. It’s made out of glazed ceramic, and it’s super easy to use.

3. Skull (White Neck) – Ceramic Bong

 Made from glazed ceramic, with a comfy and laidback mouthpiece, beautiful art, and customization, it will make your cannabis sessions memorable.

4. Red Guitar – Ceramic Bong

If you have a musical talent or just love music (who doesn’t?) get you this ceramic bong shaped like a guitar! It is sturdy and generates cool smoke.

5. White Guitar – Ceramic Bong

This guitar-shaped ceramic bong is so pleasant to look at, and at first sight, it looks like an ornament. This bong features amazing customizations and is a great accessory.

6. Black Guitar – Ceramic Bong

We are not done with them guitars yet, but this black guitar would also be a statement, and it produces well-filtered and chilled smoke.

7. Dark Green Alien – Ceramic Hookah Bong with 2 Hoses

The universe is so big… No way we was the only sentient beings habiting the universe… We have companions, aliens, except we haven’t made contact yet. Yep, this bong is shaped like an alien.

8. Dark Purple Alien – Ceramic Hookah Bong with 2 Hoses

This bong is the same as the one above, except the color, and yes alien-themed bongs are the in-thing.

9. Demon Head – Ceramic Hookah Bong with 2 Hoses

Do you fancy getting high and then staring at a menacing demon-figure? This bong is just for you. It produces cool smoke will get you high in a finger’s snap.

10. Purple Dragon – Ceramic Bong with Hose

With the hookah hose, you never get stressed using this bong, and it has a purple dragon shape for impact.

Unique Customization

Before you click on an online advertisement to buy some bong, be sure to first look around to see your options.

As far customizations, the options are as many as pellets on a beach, and these designs take inspiration from different objects and materials.

Acquiring a ceramic bong with all the essential parts and customizations enables you to take massive bong rips.

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Ceramic Bong

The first thing we consider when buying something is the price, and on average, ceramic bongs cost far less than glass or metal bongs.

And so, if you land on a website where ceramic bongs are exorbitantly priced, you are within reason to doubt their authenticity.

Also, just because it’s a ceramic bong doesn’t mean that the design should be dull and uninspiring… Go for something colorful, radiant, and strong.

The more you research before giving away your money the more you are likely to get excellent quality.

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