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10 Best Carb Caps

A carb cap is an accessory that enhances the dabbing experience. It is typically used to achieve an even hit when using domeless nails.

Carb caps come in diverse colors, styles, shapes, and sizes, and are usually designed with materials with high melting points like quartz.

Essentially, carb caps function like a lid on top of a pot, trapping all the juicy flavor, thus allowing you to enjoy some delicious tokes.

To use the carb cap, you just heat your banger, apply the dabbing sauce or concentrate, and then install the carb cap over the banger.

When choosing a carb cap, always ensure that it is made out of heat-resistant material like glass or quarts and that it’s the right size.

The following are the 10 best carb caps:

1. Honeybee Herb Carb Cap

2. Mushroom Fungi Glass Carb Cap

3. Air Spin Channel Carb Cap

4. Internal Spinning Ball Carb Cap

5. Glow in the Dark Speckled Ball Carb Cap

6. Pulsar RoK Spinning Ball Carb Cap

7. Piranha UFO Carb Cap with Directional Airflow

8. HEMPER Carb Caps

9. Yo Dabba Dabba

10. 710 Pipes Carb Caps