You are currently viewing 10 Best Beaker Base Bongs

10 Best Beaker Base Bongs

The following are the 10 best beaker base bongs:

1. Glasscity Limited Edition Beaker Ice Bong

2. EHLE. Big Brother Beaker Base Ice Bong

3. Jerome Baker Designs Fumed Pixie Glass Bubble Base Bong

4. ROOR Little Sista Beaker Base 7mm Glass Bong

5. Blaze Glass Beaker Ice Bong

6. LA Pipes Clear Beaker Ice Bong

7. Famous Brandz Jimi Love Beaker Ice Bong

8. Black Leaf Decepticlone Beaker Ice Bong

9. Hemp Leaf Beaker Base Ice Bong

10. Molino Mad Scientist V2 Percolator Glass Bong

You are currently viewing 10 Best Beaker Base Bongs

10 Best Beaker Base Bongs

If you’re familiar with laboratory flasks, you can see why these bongs are referred to as beaker base; they have wide bottoms and narrow necks to maximize efficiency.

With this unique shape, there’s more water to filter and cool down the smoke, thus enabling you to take the coolest rips ever.

Beaker base bongs have varied designs and customizations; for instance, ash catchers for trapping ash and resin, and ice catchers for securing ice above the water chamber to make the smoke even cooler.

The wide base of the beaker base bong helps in the following ways:

  • It levels up the amount of water available to filter the smoke cooler and make it cooler
  • Minimal event of bong water getting in your mouth especially when you take a big hit and water jumps in the chamber
  • It’s steady and firm and cannot be easily upset

The first thing you ought to consider when selecting a beaker base bong is how thick it is. The thickness of a bong influences how long it serves you.

Usually, thick bongs command a bigger price and weigh the most.

You may also consider customizations like ice catchers and percolators. Ice catchers are attachments in the neck of the bong that hold ice to make the smoke extra cooler.

Percolators enhance filtration and make it seem colorful when you take a rip.

Most people prefer bongs with removable downstems so that they may be able to make a quick repair in case of breakage or blockage.

With its wide base, there are more bubbles created, which enhances filtration and makes for generous hits.

Just pack the marijuana bud in the bowl and spark it; the smoke will coast in the water chamber, and you’ll inhale it via the mouthpiece.

The Best Beaker Base Bongs

The following beaker base bongs are hot in the market right now:

  1. Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong

This top-notch beaker base bong is made out of borosilicate glass. It is thick, heat-resistant, and it features a clip to keep the diffuser downstem secure. It’s ideal for both solo-use and sharing with your pals.

  1. Famous Brandz Glass Beaker Ice Bong

If you are used to “boring” bongs, this one will surprise you; it’s colorful. It’s a multi-colored, borosilicate bong with an artistic touch. It includes a herb bowl with a handle.

  1. Dopezilla Chimera Beaker Ice Bong

Standing at 12 inches tall, this bong is handcrafted from thick borosilicate glass. It will enable you to enjoy massive rips with your friends.

  1. Jay and Silent Bob Percolator Beaker Ice Bong

This impressive number from Jay and Silent has it all: a fixed downstem, a percolator, an ice catcher, a comfy mouthpiece, and a superb flower bowl. This bong is sophisticated and affordable.

  1. Amsterdam Greenline Beaker Base Glass Bong

Packaged as a gift set, this bong, and amazing accessories may be sent to your cannabis-loving friend or family member to remind them that you still think highly of them.

  1. Cheech & Chong’s Strawberry Mini Beaker Bong

It’s made out of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and will enable you to take amazing rips. It has a stable bottom and a slitted downstem and is quite visually appealing.

  1. Black Leaf Decepticlone Beaker Ice Bong with Silicone Base Cover

It’s thick, durable, powerful, with removable silicone skin, and stands at 12.5 inches. This bong enables you to take massive rips and take your cannabis session to the next level.

  1. Beaker Ice Bong with Glow in the Dark Tribal Decal

It features amazing tribal art that glows in the dark. It has a slitted downstem and a bowl with a handle that ensures easy removal.

  1. LA Pipes Beaker Ice Bong with Double Showerhead Percolator

It’s made from the thick and durable borosilicate glass, and as some exquisite features that ensure you enjoy your herb to the maximum.

  1. Vodka 9mm Beaker Ice Bong with Bent Neck

It has a slightly bent neck that ensures that bong water doesn’t jump into your mouth when you take a massive rip. Thick and powerful, this bong will last.

Beaker base bongs are so in. Their magic has mostly to do with their thick bottoms. They produce cool, well-filtered smoke, and cannot be knocked over easily. Whether you be a novice or veteran, get you a beaker base bong.