Acrylic, or Plexiglas, is commonly used in the manufacture of various items like windows, furniture, and signage.

But now we have bongs made out of acrylic. These bongs appeal mostly to clumsy smokers and newbies since they are practically indestructible.

With an acrylic bong, unlike a glass bong, you never worry that you’ll knock it over and crack or break it.

To shut down any possibility of the bong burning, the acrylic bongs are usually outfitted with metal bowls and downstems.

In instances where the bong conducts some heat, there are slides to protect your hands as you finish your hit.

Benefits of Acrylic Bongs

Some cannabis enthusiasts only ever use acrylic bongs and there are solid reasons why is that:

They are indestructible

I mean, picture yourself being a uni student and living in a dorm with some reckless dudes… If there be anything made of glass in that room, there’s a countdown to when it shatters.

But then you have acrylic bongs that stay together even when flung against the wall or dropped on the floor or twisted around.

People who live a semi-chaotic life don’t shy away from getting an indestructible bong so that they never become inconvenienced soon or later.

They are light

Maybe you wanna have your bong with you every moment of the day because you smoke marijuana like medicine.

But it would mean that you bring it along with you… Acrylic bongs are far lighter than glass or metal bongs.

You would stuff it in your bag and be gone and you wouldn’t feel as though you were carrying osmium.

Easy to clean and maintain

Keeping your bong clean is necessary for a couple of reasons, but some bongs are easier to clean (and maintain) than others.

Acrylic bongs have non-sticky properties and so they be easy to wash and rinse without using extra cleaning supplies.

Factors to Consider when Buying an Acrylic Bong

Considering the flexibility and malleability of acrylic, these bongs are modeled after so many objects.

The first thing to consider when looking for an acrylic bong is the price. They are typically cheaper than both glass and metal bongs.

And just because it’s made out of acrylic don’t mean it has no fancy features as with glass bongs; look around for customized acrylic bongs.

Top Acrylic Bongs

Considering the positives of acrylic bongs, many people be lining up to get theirs, and these be some of the popular ones:

1. The Beach Bum Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Tube

Takes inspiration from the adventures of Moondog in the Beach Bum, starring Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg, but this bong be shaped into a gas mask.

2. Monster Straight Tube Gas Mask

It’s made out of sturdy acrylic that can take a beating, but this bong enables you to savor smoke cloud, and it be especially fun in social engagements.

3. Acrylic Straight Rasta Ice Bong with Twisted Tube

With a metal herb bowl, the bong cannot possibly catch fire. It’s got a straight-tube, with a twisted neck and ice catchers, so you’re going to enjoy chilled smoke.

4. Gas Mask Bong with Bent Acrylic Tube

It is decorated with rasta colors, and it has straps to help just about anyone use it. The setup is akin to hotboxin your entire face with smoke.

5. Acrylic Bong with Carb Hole and Straight Tube

With a stable base, a metallic downstem, and an herb bowl, this bong takes your cannabis session to a whole ‘nother level.

6. Acrylic Bubble Grip Bong

With its wide bubble base, this acrylic bong increases water volume, thus enabling more contact with smoke, and putting out some chilled and delicious smoke.

7. 2-Hoser Sphere Acrylic Bong

With metal-capped hoses and a massive bowl, this bong is ideal for parties and festivals. You are bound to enjoy awesome bong rips.

8. Colored Acrylic Double Bubble Bong

Besides looking cool with the amazing art, this bong also produces quality smoke and can be used solo or with friends.

9. Acrylic 2ft Bubble Bong

It’s a monster of a bong standing at 24 inches. It has a bubble base that enhances smoke cooling and filtration and enables you to enjoy your cannabis.

10. Lady Killer Acrylic Bong

The name tells it all; this is a bad guy ya’ll! Anyways, it has it all; and all its features work harmoniously to help you draw massive mind-bending bong rips.